Looking at the 95 Theses

Larry Woods replies,

I gave several suggestions. I keep thinking of Newt Gingrich and his contract
with America. Most points got heavy support from the majority but the selfish
minded in Congress (the majority there) could not support it because it
transferred power away from them and back toward the people. Newt proposed:

+ require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply
to Congress;

+ select a major, independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of
Congress for + waste, fraud or abuse;

+ cut the number of House committees, and cut committee staff by one-third;

+ limit the terms of all committee chairs;

+ ban the casting of proxy votes in committee;

+ require committee meetings to be open to the public;

+ require a three-fifths majority vote to pass a tax increase;

+ and implement a zero base-line budgeting process for the annual Federal

Thanks Larry. It never occurred to me before that the Contract with
America was so centered on items geared to majority approval. Rather
than attacking the points of reform they attacked Newt personally on
his book deal, his divorce and accusing him of tax fraud. The Tax
accusation was overturned but it still served its purpose in making
Newt look like just another corrupt politician.

The problems was there was not enough attention given to the contract
itself, which the majority would have supported much more than it did
if they had read it. I think a lot of Democrats would have supported
it. Instead the media billed it as "Contract on America." Who wants
to support, let alone read a contract 'on" America?

What needs done differently at this time is the attention needs to be
placed on the documents of change themselves and we need to make sure
the majority read/hear and understand it.

I think there are several items from the contract that I can use in
the 95 Theses and have notes from your other suggestions.

To see the original 95 Theses go to:

I asked Bryan not to post this in the archives until we get the finished copy.

I was never dismayed when the so-called right attacked me and called
me names for protesting Bush. However, something inside me gets a
little sick when I hear people who claim to be peace activists
supporting the Obama Administration's foreign policy, a policy that
is not like Bush's in the fact that it's much worse. I have been
called a "racist" from the so-called left. In these people's opinion,
I was totally justified in protesting Bush, but I am a racist for
protesting the same policies under Obama.
Cindy Sheehan
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95 Theses of We, The People

My Friends. Inspiration struck and I knew I had to write one more
important document that must be included in my book. I call it the
95 Theses of We, The People.

I'm still fine tuning it. The order is not perfect and I may still
get some ideas to replace some of the points. Look over the list.
If you see any problem let me know. If you think of a point that
needs to be included that is not there let me know your ideas. Just
remember each point should be something that the majority will

The 95 Theses

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther started the spiritual reformation
that changed forever the face of Europe and the path of the Church.
On this date he posted his 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church
in Wittenberg, Germany. This famous church was the major bulletin
board for the area.

This act was comparable to making an announcement on the Drudge Report today.

The main theme of his post was the condemnation of "indulgences" or
the selling of forgiveness of sins for money. Because Luther tuned in
the wave of the majority thinking of the people, his ideas caught on
like wildfire.

Now is the time for another 95 Theses, but this time we are dealing
with political indulgences rather than spiritual. We live in an age
where those who take an oath to represent us are selling their votes
for money, power and the praise of friends in high places.

The will of the majority of the people was ignored, to the peril of
the church leaders of that day, and, again, that will is ignored by
political leaders in this day.

But the will of the people is like the gathering force of water
accumulating at a dam. It is just a matter of time before the pure
fluid exerts itself and overflows sweeping away all the cluttering

To the end of renewing this nation I have written a new 95 Theses,
but for political reformation rather than spiritual

I have followed the example of Martin Luther and tapped into the
unseen will of the people. I seek not to promote anything from the
fringe of the Right or Left, but to the best of my knowledge each one
of these points represents the will of the majority of the people.

Hence, those who fight against these points will be fighting the will
and heart of the country. This is not a desirable side of the fence
to be on as it is the destiny of the people that their voice be heard.

95 Theses of We, The People

1 We, the People demand that government listen to our voice

2 The will of the people, the majority of citizens, must prevail.

3 We believe in civility and encourage all debate to be a
courteous exchange based on issues rather than personal attacks.

4 This nation is at a point of tension and high risk due to the
carelessness of our elected officials, making it necessary for the
people to make corrections.

5 We, the people have to budget our money wisely and live
within our means. We absolutely demand that our government do the

6 The amount of taxes need to go down, not up.

7 Wasteful spending must be eliminated.

8 Fraud, connected with government spending, costing many
billions a year a year needs to be controlled. Example: estimates are
that around 20% of Medicare funds are lost a year due to fraud.

9 The national debt must cease to grow as we will soon not be
able to afford the interest.

10 We must focus on reducing the national debt.

11 We must incorporate tort reform so doctors do not run
expensive unnecessary tests due to fear of being sued. Damages beyond
expenses must be limited to $250,000 in 2009 dollars.

12 If a jury or a judge concludes a lawsuit is frivolous, the
plaintiff must pay all expenses of the defendant.

13 Any bill passed by Congress must be limited to 100 pages or
30,000 words.

14 Legislators must read a bill before they vote on it.

15 Congress must not only pass laws but seek out outdated,
unjust, unworkable and restrictive laws and repeal them.

16 The Constitution must be respected as the highest law of the land.

17 Voter fraud must be stopped.

18 We must make sure that only citizens of the United States are
allowed to vote in elections.

19 We must enforce laws that we pass.

20 If a law is unjust or not workable we should not keep it on
the books and become hypocrites and lawbreakers ourselves, but we
should change the law to reflect the will of the majority.

21 Late term abortions should be illegal.

22 Children should be required to pass a standardized test
before being promoted to the next grade.

23 School vouchers should be made available to those who desire
choice for their kids' education.

24 We condemn our government and agents involved for stealing
all of our Social Security funds and forcing us to depend on the
Ponsie scheme of future revenues for our security.

25 The government needs to quit using our social security funds
for purposes other than social security.

26 Congress has too many perks and needs to be more fiscally
responsible with how they spend our money on themselves.

27 It is outrageous that we pay an average of over $9000 to
educate a student with such low results. We need to seek better
results per dollar spent.

28 "It is also outrageous that we pay an average of over $9000
per student and the teachers do not receive a higher income. In a
class of 30 kids where over $270,000 is spent the teacher deserves
more income. We therefore, desire to reduce the number of
administrators and the perks that they have and increase teacher pay."

29 The administrators who are fired can be hired as teachers.

30 Members of all parties belong to unions. Therefore, no
portion of a union member's dues should be donated to a party he does
not support without his permission.

31 All union voting should be done by secret ballot to avoid
openly intimidating the voter.

32 Extremely controversial items such as abortion and gay
marriage should be settled by a vote of the people. Let the majority

33 We the people do not want our children forcefully drafted
into a civilian work corps where they will be susceptible to forced

34 The U.S. Census should not count anyone who is not a citizen
of the United States.

35 Freedom of speech, even politically incorrect speech, or hate
speech, is not to be abridged, except through a court of law where
actual damages may be proven.

36 The Second Amendment is to be upheld as written in the Constitution.

37 We want freedom of religion and philosophical thought, not
freedom from religion and diverse forms of thinking.

38 We want no taxes placed on the internet.

39 We want no censorship placed on the internet except that
which a family may voluntarily impose upon itself.

40 Since people of all sorts of political thought pay taxes,
teachers hired by those funds should represent diverse political
thought. If any public-funded school has employed more than twice the
number of Democrats or Republicans than the opposing party then they
must open the next positions to members of the minority party until
the ratio is no greater than 2:1.

41 The freedom of the many should not be sacrificed for the
freedom of the few.

42 The number of government employees need to be reduced not increased.

43 Earmarks need to be discontinued as is. Each earmark needs to
be voted on as a separate item.

44 The government can advise us what to eat and drink, but not
tell us what to eat and drink.

45 We support and encourage the country to become energy
efficient so we do not have to depend on foreign sources.

46 A majority of up to 74% therefore supports offshore drilling.
(Zogby poll 74% Rasmussen poll 67% June 2008) We should therefore
pursue this to help with energy independence and U.S. jobs.

47 Polls are unclear where the view of the majority lies with
drilling at ANWR therefore we call for a national referendum asking
this simple question: Should we drill at ANWR? Then after at least
30 days of discussion we will vote and majority opinion should be

48 We support the development of cars that are more fuel
efficient as well as all electric cars.

49 We support the construction of more nuclear power plants to
reduce CO2 emissions and supply abundant domestic energy. (Gallup
poll of March 2009 reveals that 59% support nuclear power).

50 We support the development of any alternative energy that has
a chance of success such as wind, solar geothermal, wave etc.

51 We desire the repeal of government mandates on ethanol

52 We demand that the stimulus money not yet spent be put on
hold to stop us from going deeper in debt.

53 The government should cease bailing out companies. The only
exception to this would be by a referendum voted on by the people.

54 There must be a paper trail on all voting done by the people
in general elections. The danger of tampering with computers is too

55 We do not approve of Congress taking their family and friends
on vacations at our expense to exotic foreign places. If they travel
abroad at taxpayer's expense it should be for essential business.

56 Elected officials will criticize our speaking out at their
own peril. We are the majority and will vote them out if they hear us

57 We reject any form of totalitarianism or anything that leads
in this direction.

58 Our prisons are too crowded and we should look for means to
reduce the population while maintaining law enforcement and security.

59 We support long sentences where violence or the threat of
violence occurred. Where there was no violence, the criminal should
be given a chance to pay the victim compensation and not go to prison.

60 Our correctional institutions need to put more attention on
rehabilitating inmates so they will be productive members of society
when they get out.

61 We have punished smokers enough. Let us cease raising their
taxes and ostracizing them any more while continuing to educate the
people about the dangers of smoking.

62 We demand that we maintain our freedom to purchase vitamins,
natural nutrients and herbs without a doctor's prescription.

63 It is not the government's right to tell the people whether
or not we can keep our current health insurance.

64 We do not desire the government to dismantle or fundamentally
change principles that built this country and have been proven to

65 If our government wants to impose universal health care or
any other massive program that has not been proven to work in the
United States, we first demand that they do a trial of it in a state
or city to demonstrate how it works before they impose something
irreversible on the whole country.

66 We support freedom wherever it begins to surface around the world.

67 We seek to do all in our power to extinguish tyranny wherever
we see it.

68 We desire maximum freedom for the individual and the country
as a whole.

69 We stand against racism in any form from the majority or the minority.

70 We are against using the cry of racism as a weapon to destroy
political enemies and the accusation should only be made when true
racism is at play.

71 We are against the government or its agents reading our
minds, interpreting our thought or regulating thought.

72 Any of the public's money used to fight global warming, or
the increase of CO2, must be proven to be cost effective. Only the
most cost effective means should be used.

73 If one side of the global warming issue is presented in our
schools then the other side should also be presented.

74 If any teaching of a partisan political nature is presented
in public schools then the other side should also be presented.

75 It is not the government's job to tell us ""the right thing
to do."" Morality is a personal decision.

76 It is not the government's job to define what we can or
cannot say, what is or is not politically correct. We the people will
decide what we want to say and speak as we will.

77 It is the right of parents to decide if their child should be

78 It is the right of parents to decide how to discipline their children.

79 It is the right of parents to decide how to educate their
children, whether it be public, private or home schooled.

80 It is not the responsibility of the taxpayer to purchase
Viagra or similar drugs for anyone.

81 Any military conflict that requires more than 10,000 troops
and is sustained for more than 90 days requires a sustaining vote
from Congress.

82 Congress is not to be allowed to raise their own salaries or
decide their own perks beyond anything adjusted for inflation.
Anything beyond this is to be decided by a referendum from the people.

83 Those who purchase homes or property need to have an
investment in the real estate and show a reasonable ability to make
the maximum monthly loan payment. A minimum down payment of 5% shall
be required.

84 It is the right of parents to decide if their child should be

85 We do not want a witch hunt to prosecute our CIA agents who
acted in good faith to protect their country.

86 We need to provide the necessary funding to insure a
successful missile defense program as this may some day save our
nation from nuclear annihilation.

87 Illegal immigrants are not entitled to Social Security benefits.

88 A child born in the United States to illegal immigrants
should not be granted automatic citizenship.

89 Our children should be taught an accurate history of the
United States from a non-partisan point of view.

90 The power of the free market must be preserved.

91 President Obama said: ""We cannot continue to rely on our
military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've
set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just
as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."" We the people,
do not need nor do we want a ""civilian national security force"" of
such power that could become a nightmare to citizens if controlled by
bureaucrats of destructive intent.

92 We the people believe in peace through strength and desire to
preserve a strong military until such time that nations "turn swords
into plowshares" and learn to live in peace.

93 The term of a supreme court justice should be reduced from
life to eight years and they should be elected by the people.

94 The state cannot confiscate private property for the purpose
of increasing the tax base or for the benefit of a private business.
This power of eminent domain must be restricted to public purposes as
has been the traditional case.

95 Those who own land cannot be prosecuted for non-polluting
activities, farming or business endeavors on their land. If the
government has concerns about the land it can make an offer to
purchase it.

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Spiritual Internet

A reader asks:
I have been reading more and more about the God within.. and how we need to Open
our eyes. Tell me.. How does the God "without" fit into all of this? Am I
understanding correctly that they are called Masters.. and are not God.

The One Universal God is pure spirit and intelligence and can only be contacted
from within. It's body without is the universe itself which only corresponds to
the age of a child so contact without is not practical.

Those who have mastered the manifestation of the God within are called Masters
as well as Elohiym. As Joseph Smith taught these are the Gods mentioned in the
Bible. He accurately referred to them as a "Council of Gods."

They are Gods to us because they manifest the Spirit of God and are far beyond
normal humans in consciousness.

So their job is to bring to pass and help mankind realize who they really are?

Their job is to lift us up to where they are as others higher up the ladder lift
them up.

So what then is the purpose of prayer to these masters? Do they really "reach
out" and touch our lives by helping us.. or is that just an illusion we like to
think that "God" helps us.

We do not pray to the Masters but to the Spirit of the One God. The sincere
prayer then ascends to the plane of Spirit and is placed there like a blog on
the spiritual internet. If the prayer attracts interest it will be picked up by
either your solar angel, a deva, your higher mind or a discarnate spirit. It is
rarely answered by a Master, but could be if it is a matter of importance for a
large number of people.

I have been working very hard on soul contact and I am getting no where with it.
I honestly feel more "alone" than I ever have. I don't know what I am doing

The seeker always feels a great loneliness before sure contact is made.

In the meantime study and contemplate higher principles. When you feel a
flashing forth within that seems to shed greater light on principles you are
experiencing some of the first steps in soul contact.

The first gentle whispers of soul contact are easy to overlook. I am sure that
following the soul has brought you here in contemplation, but the guidance was
very subtle.

Every time you follow the subtle the power of soul it increases until eventually
soul contact will be as obvious as life itself.

Gathering 2005 Sun Valley, Part 3

Guilt and Karma
Audience: Is that something like the person who can't seem to take
responsibility for his own choices and blames others for their

JJ: The person who suppresses and denies will often blame others.
Often this person will describe others in what is really a
self-description. Have you ever had someone do that to you? Call
you a liar and you're not lying at all but you've noticed that they
lie a lot?

Audience: Some people project their feelings on to someone else
because they don't take responsibility for them.

JJ: This projection is a very powerful thing. You see it a lot.
Most of these people who do project are suppressing some of these
negative teachings involving guilt. True salvation is to be
delivered from guilt. When I was delivered from guilt it had nothing
to do with any teaching from any religion. It had to do with me
releasing myself from someone else taking the place of God.

This is what happens when the true beast is created. Someone outside
of yourself assumes the authority of God and you give them that
authority. Whether it's a prophet, priest, political leader, it
doesn't matter. If you give them authority over you like God is
supposed to have authority over you then you have an outside God, an
image of God that is incorrect, being your conscience. You're
allowing him to dictate what will make you feel guilty and what won't.

It takes a lot of honesty to eliminate guilt because to eliminate it
you need to go back to your foundation beliefs and ask yourself, "Do
these beliefs still have an effect on me?" Often they will have a
much more powerful effect on you than you can admit.

I've often had the case where I've met someone who claims to have
moved to New Age or metaphysical beliefs and they think they let go
of the old beliefs a long time ago. Then I talk to them about it or
maybe quote some scripture and they get irritable. The reason they
get so irritable is because those old beliefs are still working below
the surface, buried. They're buried in denial.

So we have to go back and unearth and be willing to look at
everything we've ever felt, believed or thought about in the light of
day. Why is Christ called the Lord of Light or Lord of Love?
Because that is how deliverance comes. Deliverance comes through
light and love. Not too many people are truly delivered from guilt.
This is one of the purposes of the COURSE ON MIRACLES. How many read

The whole purpose of that book is to deliver people from guilt. The
exercises are good for this purpose. They don't really say that
point blank but if you look at the principle of the book it's all
about the one principle of delivering people from guilt. The
teaching of every holy man who has ever lived has led up to this one
thing, to deliver us from guilt. But before we can make quantum
movements in evolution we must be delivered from this feeling of
guilt ourselves.

Audience: I watched a program on TV then thought about my own
religious teachings. Confronting someone who says Jesus died for
your sins, I've been thinking about it the past few days. How do you
approach something like that?

JJ: That's much more different than the religions teach. He died
for your sins but in what way? He came and he taught us how to be
released from our guilt and how to deliver ourselves from our sins.
He got killed for teaching that so in that way he died for our sins.

His death by itself doesn't deliver us from our sins. Matter of
fact, Jesus taught the principle that we'll be judged by our works
and that we have to pay for our mistakes to the last farthing. This
is how karma works. When we make a mistake, we have to recompense it
to the last farthing before we can have deliverance from the wheel of
karma. People often ask the question, "Let's suppose you kill a
thousand people. How can you ever be delivered from such a thing?"
If you were a bad guy like Hitler in one life then decided you want
to straighten yourself out, does that mean you need to go through a
thousand lives and be killed a thousand times? No. If you take out
a loan from the bank you have to pay back the full amount say ten
thousand dollars. If when you took out the loan you were making $5
an hour it would take a long time to pay back that money. If a year
goes past and the note is due and you're now making $100 an hour, you
can pay off that loan much faster than you could've earlier because
you're skilled at service and there is a better value for your labor.
It's become much more valuable so you don't have to work as many
hours to pay off that loan because you're now making more money.

This is how it is with karma. As you develop your skills for service
you can pay off a lot of karma with service that will benefit a large
number of people. Or let's suppose you're in a coal mine and
something is happening that may kill a hundred miners and you do
something to save all hundred of them. You've repaid a debt of a
hundred lives. So there are different ways you can pay off your
karma without being killed a thousand times. You pay off the karma
by paying off the amount that is due.

If your power to pay that off is increased, then you can pay it off
quicker. This is what Jesus offered to the twelve disciples when he
called them, this power to pay off their karma through their service.
Through their service they could pay off their karma much faster by
promoting his teachings than they could have otherwise. So, there
are different ways to pay off our karma.

Audience: If someone commits and crime and goes to jail, does going
to jail pay off anything?

JJ: That's a good question. Yes, any type of punishment for a crime
does pay off some karma, but this is a very slow process and often
creates little if any restitution. Paying off karma through service
is much faster.

The advantage the higher lives have isn't the fact that the future is
just there for them but they have greater powers of reasoning, they
can see into the past farther and they can project into the future
farther because they have more formulas figured out than we do but
they're not always right.

Matter of fact, you can't find one prophet that is right more than
about 60% of the time. Nostradamus is quoted quite often but he is
always quoted after the event happens. Have you ever read The
Enquirer or the Weekly World News? Nostradamus predicts the coldest
winter in three centuries next year. Winter comes along and it's
mild and you wonder what went wrong. Then the next one will read
that Nostradamus predicted 911. Why didn't anyone see this before
911? It's because the prediction was somewhat vague. Nostradamus
wrote in such a way, and often the Biblical passages are this way
such as Isaiah and some of the more complicated verses can be
interpreted a lot of different ways.

On hindsight we can say, "Boy it seems to be talking about JFK's
assassination or WWII but nobody figured it all out beforehand.
Every once in awhile somebody figures something out in advance. Some
people read the Bible and say, "Every prophecy Jesus made was
correct." Let's pick one. To the Jews he said, "This temple will be
destroyed so not one stone will be left upon another." This is cited
as a great prediction he made which came true. But did it come true?
The temple was torn down but there is still stones left upon the
other on the wailing wall, right Assaf?

Assaf: Well, nobody is sure that it is actually a part of it.
Scientifically speaking they don't know.

Audience: There is a guy who says that isn't true because the Roman
historians said they did tear the temple down stone by stone and took
thousands of people they captured and made them dig under the stones.
There is a chance that they're wailing at a wall that was really just
a fort.

JJ: So if the wailing wall is really part of the temple the prophecy
didn't come true but if what Larry says is true then the prophecy did
come true. Another prophecy Jesus said was, "He shall see his seed"
and be married and have children. If you read the DaVinci Code he
did see his seed, well he actually didn't because he was crucified
and Mary Magdalene had the baby afterwards.

Audience: The legend says she had a daughter before he was crucified
and a son after.

JJ: If we go by the standard Christian belief that he didn't have
any children then that was a false prophecy but if you ask a standard
Christian, "how can Isaiah by right if Jesus didn't have children?"
They'll say, "The seed is the people who believe in him." There is
always a way to work around prophecy so it fits in somewhere.

Audience: Is it possible that some of these people will be alive
when these events take place and not all of them will die? That's a
hard one to reconcile.

JJ: The way that is reconciled is Jesus says, "This generation shall
not pass away before he will come again." But they say, "This
generation could mean an age." There is a thousand years in that
generation is one interpretation I've heard. Believers, by
stretching the truth, say every single thing has come true. Another
thing about the Bible is that it has been edited off and on by
scribes who add things in to make it more reliable and more

But let's look at things we know. There are a lot of people who are
psychics, like modern day prophets. I've met some pretty good
psychics. Some are pretty accurate but none of them are 100%
accurate. The Bible itself said, in the day of Moses, that if a man
comes and makes any prophecy that comes true he must be put to death.
I imagine the prophets were pretty hesitant to make predictions.
It's interesting to think about. Nobody knows the future in all of
its details.

A person who I believe to be a master, Djwhal Khul, who gave the
writings to Alice A Bailey through mental telepathy, has the most
intelligent writings I've ever read. He gives a number of prophecies
in his books. I've found him to be about 60% accurate. I've found
others who are considered to have a prophetic gift to be less
accurate than that. Edward Cayce is probably about 50% accurate. He
predicted Atlantis was going to rise up a long time ago but was wrong.

Quote of the Day:
* I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and
disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We
need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to
debate and disagree with any administration.

* We are Americans, We have the right to participate and debate any
Hilary Clinton 2003

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Fixing America

My Friends,
I have revised the past part of my last post from the book. Here it is:

Before Congress will be allowed to vote on any bill that directly
effects U.S. citizens financially or legally the following must first
take place:

(A) From the time of the first complete draft of major legislation to
the time of the vote a period of 30 days must pass to allow time to
study and discuss the bill. Any revision of said bill will require at
least a week for consideration before another vote is taken.

(B) The first day of this 30-day time period begins when the full
contents of the bill are posted on the Internet for all citizens to

(C) Major legislation is that which involves over $10 billion in
spending judged by 2009 dollars or the creation of a law that affects
the majority of U.S. citizens.

(4) The only exception to this would involve matters of national
security where an action must be quickly accomplished to insure the
defense of this nation..

That's it, short and simple like Proposition 13.

There's one more thing our representative must do, which is to
actually study the bill so they are familiar with its contents.
Unfortunately, it is not practical to pass legislation in this
direction. This is where the citizens must take charge and hold our
representatives accountable. We the people must demand two things of

(1) That they read the legislation and become familiar with its
contents. If they do not do this then they will lose our vote.

(2) That they listen to their constituents who have read the bill and
vote according to the wishes of the majority. If they do not then we
will not vote for them in the next election.

And here is a new section:
Plan of Attack

First we need a name for this proposition. Let us call it WOPP1,
with WOPP being an acronym for Will of the People Proposition.

WOPP1 is not an end goal, but a beginning. We shall follow up with a
WOPP2 and a WOPP3. What all WOPPs will have in common is that they
will be neither extreme Left or Right but will promote the actual
will of the people so they will be represented in areas presently
ignored by Congress.

For WOPP1 to become a binding on Congress it must first be passed by
Congress. Since this proposition applies more to congressional rules
than the public it needs to be introduced and accepted as binding in
the House and Senate.

The problem is that Congress will almost never pass any legislation
or rule that gives them less power or causes them any inconvenience.
If we just sit back and expect them to take such action we will die
in our chairs before anything happens. How then do we get such a
proposition initiated and passed by reluctant legislators?

The answer goes back to the principle discussed earlier on the power
of public opinion. Remember the power of belief? If we believe we
cannot get Congress to pass WOPP1 then we are doomed from the start.
But if you and I and a growing number of citizens believe it then it
becomes the all-powerful public opinion. When public opinion becomes
powerful enough then Congress will respond.

Why will they respond?

There are two reasons:

(1) Public opinion by itself is a powerful force difficult to resist.

(2) They will fear being voted out of office if they flagrantly
violate public will.

Now some may question and say that the approval rating of Congress
has been as low as 9%. If that low of a public opinion of their
representatives does not force change then what will?

Yes the approval rating of Congress has been low for some time now.
Citizens do not vote for Congress as a whole, but their individual
representatives, and senators and when it comes to these guys,
approval ratings are different. Many feel that Congress, as a whole,
is a lower life form than a dogcatcher or used car salesman, but
think their own representative is doing a fine job.

This is illustrated with the fact that incumbents normally sail
through with re-election no matter what the rating of Congress as a
whole is.

In the 1998 election a whopping 98% of House members who ran again
were re-elected. The number has gone down slightly in the last
election but stays consistently high.

Does this give us a clue to the reason that they are resistant to
following the will of the people even though the ratings of Congress
are low? Yes, it does. If the local guy has a 98% chance of being
reelected despite what people think of Congress then he is not highly
motivated to follow the will of the people.

Therefore, attacking Congress as a whole accomplishes little or
nothing. Instead, the individual representatives and senators must
be targeted. Their actual jobs must be threatened through an
enlightened public opinion if citizens are to be truly represented

The most important representatives to influence in matters of Senate
and House rules are the Rules Committees. As of this writing both
houses are dominated by Democrats with Charles E. Schumer heading the
Senate committee and Louise M. Slaughter the House. There are 20
members in the Senate Rules committee and 13 in the House. These 33
individuals are the most important to contact, but the other
representatives are important too. Why? Because they can suggest
rules and apply pressure on committee members.

This all sounds well and good, but any type of political change will
require a superhuman effort. How do we go about accomplishing it?

The answer is simple but the path is difficult.

Here is what needs to be promoted.

(1) The public needs to be educated as to their power to create change.

(2) The public needs to be educated to the needed changes and how
they can be made.

(3) The public needs to be educated on the voting record and views of
their representatives. Many vote an incumbent back in because they
mistakenly believe his views are in harmony with their own. When
politicians speak to voters they are very careful to tell them what
they want to hear which is often at odds with their true views and

This enlightenment must be brought to the public before they will use
their power to pressure politicians into following the will of the
people. After all, they are called representatives because they are
supposed to represent the public will.

To get the public to act a certain amount of new political
organization must be undertaken and groups formed. A possible name
could be Citizens for Democratic Action or CDA.

This organization would seek to do the following:
(1) Establish groups in every major population area.
(2) Have regular meetings, probably once a week and perhaps more when
an important project is being undertaken.
(3) Have some type of lecture or class at each meeting so the members
will be politically informed and educated.
(4) Establish goals for political change in harmony with the will of
the people.
(5) Brainstorm on ways to accomplish set goals.
(6) Gather mailing lists of like-minded citizens.
(7) Contact other political groups and solicit their cooperation.
(8) Establish a strong presence on the web.
(9) Establish a pool of speakers
(10) Raise funds to promote group goals.

The key to making this group workable is to create several successful
groups and then duplicate them across the country.

When enough people decide to use their power of influence then we can
then pressure the representatives to represent the will of the people
rather than their own wills or that of pressure groups.

The will of the people is not always my will or yours but the will of
an educated people follows the general rules of common sense much
more than and someone representing the will of a powerful few.

Let us therefore begin to create a country where the will of the
people is truly represented, a country that George Washington, Thomas
Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln would be proud to call their own.

Over 4500 Articles by J. J. Dewey at:

Ten Cannots

Ten Cannots

This was in my local paper. I thought it was good and really needed to be
reiterated in this age.

You cannot bring about prosperity by discontinuing thrift.

You cannot help the small by bearing down on the great.

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

You cannot lift up the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich man.

You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.

You cannot further brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

You cannot establish security on borrowed money.

You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and

You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should
be doing for themselves.

Published 1916 by Rev. William Boetcher

Gamalt og gott, hmmm?

grein sem Gurn Smundssdttir frambjandi L-listans skrifai n nveri vill hn strauka kostna jarinnar, kosnaur sem gti fari hr til einhvers annars sunnar sem "plan" hennar er og vntanlega einning hennar lista.

Hennar grein ber yfirskriftina: "Ntum drmtt starfsflk viskiptageirans"
Leyfi g mr a vitna grein essa.

"slenskt banka og viskiptaflk hefur gengi gegnum eldskrn sem ekkert viskiptanm hefi geta undirbi au fyrir. Nna erum vi komin me afburamannskap sem eigum a nta til endurreisnar jflagsins, v svii sem au eru hfust en ekki lta au vinna vi vegager. a er alheimskreppa og mgulegt a f peninga. Vi erum undir Alja gjaldeyrissjnum og enginn stjrnmlaflokkur getur afltt hans skilmlum. stainn fyrir a vera einhverri afneitun me a eigum vi a leggja spilin bori og kanna okkar mguleika."

Ekki held g a nokkur sla hr landi s afneitun en rtt er a a vi verum a tryggja hr vinnu vi hfi, eins og stofnun nrra fyrirtkja og endurskipulagningar fjrmlageirans me sem minstum afskiptum fr rkinu. mean getur rki einbeitt sr a v hvar a brst v hlutverki snu a skapa rtt starfsskilyri fjrmlakerfinu til handa. Aeins getum vi stefnt framvi n ess a hvika fr setu marki sem var og er a mr skillst framhaldandi flutningur resktri rkisins til einkaaila.

Eingin verur barin biskup og reynslan getur stundum veri dkeypt en a ir a ekki a vi eigum meginatrium a hverfa fr stefnu einkavingar og hlaupa aftur heim til rkisins.

"Vi eigum enga peninga en fullt af vermtum til sjvar og sveita og reynslumiklum mannau.

Til a geta haldi jflaginu gangandi urfum vi innflutning, t.d. olu/bensn. arna eigum vi a f reynsluboltana r bankageiranum til a leita nrra samninga vi olusalana. Vi getum boi hr vatn neytendaumbum upp olu, einnig hfum vi fisk og mjlkurafurir sem nta m sem greislu."

Hvering eiga "snillingar" sem hafa "sett" allt hausinn geta vakna upp einn daginn og breyst snillinga sem a jin hlt vera bara af v einu a hafa fari gegnum eldskrn og n ofur samningum vi olufyrirtki. etta er allt of mikil einfldun hlutunum. Heimsmarkasver er heimsmarkasver. Og til a taka upp vruskipti arf tvo til og ar sem etta kerfi var aflagt fyrir lifandislngu er essi afkralega eldgamla og ellira hugmynd dau ur en hn komst af teikniborinu. etta vri afurfr til gamla og vonda tmans v ekki er vruskipta kerfi hagkvmt og a er ungt vfum. a a "skapa" flki vinnu vi etta er eins og a lta heilan vinnuflokk grafa holu egar strvirk grafa gti gert a hlfum degi. Hva hafa olufyrirtkin a gera vi vatn fr okkur? Er veri a hafa okkur a fflum hr ea er etta sagt bara svo a einhver "stefna" snst vera upp borinu? Eigum vi a kaupa svona fflaskap? Mr er spurn hvort eitthva anna bi hr a baki.

"Vi urfum a tryggja flki sem starfar flugi og siglingum framhaldandi atvinnu, me v a flytja t vatn til Arablandanna og Kna skpum vi strf vi hafnarvinnu og flutninga. Me v a greia me saltfiski fyrir htelgistingu Portgal og Spni tryggjum vi starfsflki flugflaganna og ferskrifstofa framhaldandi atvinnu. Innflutning fr Asu greium vi fyrir me fiski og hvalkjti."

etta gengur eins og a gengur. Hvering vri a greia fyrir innflutning rafmagns blum ea blum sem ganga fyrir blndu af rafmagni og bensni? myndum vi rva innflutning og lkka olureikning jarinnar heild og allir gra. a vri nskpun og vri hgt a koma lpp.

"Vi urfum reynslumiki viskipta/bankaflk til ess a koma hr flugri vruviskiptaverslun. a er leiin til ess a yfirvinna atvinnuleysi og styrkja gengi krnunnar, sem myndi leia til lkkunar afborganna innlendum sem erlendum lnum. egar a alheimskreppan er gengin yfir er tmabrt a skoa a hvort a vi tkum upp erlendan gjaldmiil sem jin getur bi vi til frambar."

etta kaupi g ekki eins og ur hefur komi fram.

"Enginn veit nna hvaa gjaldamilar munu standa heimskreppuna af sr og ess vegna yri a mjg httusamt af okkur a taka evruna upp nna, srstaklega egar liti er til afar slmra horfa rkjum ESB."

Verblgan ESB svinu er innan vi fimm prsent, a er allt kaldakoli hr en ekki ti vegna ess hve bankarnir voru strir sem hlutfalls af jarframleislu ea tu til tlf sinnun strri en jarframlesla okkar slendinga rsgrunvelli.

"Me v a kjsa L-listann vor leggur itt af mrkum til endurreisnar slands"

Lkur skir lkan heim, lesi hver a tr v sem hann ea hn vill.

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